Angel’s Day 8: Headaches and night sweats

Hello quitters!

Here I go with the headaches and night sweats. I have to lay a towel on my bed because I sweat puddles as I sleep. And then I wake up drenched, uncomfortable and slimy. That’s okay though because I know that it’s working. I am detoxing and grateful that this decision was made and sticking to it. It’s probably due to the previous attempts and now I’m so determined to overcome this addiction 🙂

Yesterday, I met my regular group of friends for beach volleyball. After the game someone pulled out a one-hitter and started passing it around. I was so proud to say that I had no desire whatsoever to smoke it…although it did smell nice. They all know I quit and respect me for it but I’m not going to ask them to not smoke in front of me. My willpower is building and I am starting to feel free.



2 Commentsto Angel’s Day 8: Headaches and night sweats

  1. Angel says:

    I will, thank you JOE!!!

  2. Joe Kennedy says:

    Congratulations Angel! It sounds like you are making real progress. I'm very happy for you.

    Sorry that you are having the headaches and night sweats, but they won't last long – you will be past all that very soon.

    Keep up the great work!

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