US Cannabis Coalition Garners Support from Ted Nugent

US Cannabis Coalition Adds Support from Rock Legend

US Cannabis CoalitionIn what may come as a surprise to some, notorious anti-drug rock legend Ted Nugent joined the US Cannabis Coalition, endorsing the legalization of Medical Marijuana.  

Nugent explained his USCC participation saying “Look, I’ve never been a fan of brain dead stoner types, but science has proven that medical marijuana can and does help a lot of serious illnesses like cancer and epilepsy”.

Nugent’s comments echo those of President Trump, who during the 2016 campaign, repeatedly stated that he is against recreational marijuana, but supportive of medical marijuana.  As one of the first celebrities to publicly endorse Donald Trump during that campaign, Nugent says he is using his platform to ensure Trump’s promise is kept.

A free man in a free country ought to be able to use a natural plant, including cannabis, to relieve their suffering without Fedzilla and Big Pharma lobbyists getting in the way.  I know Trump promised to end Medical Marijuana prohibition and I’m working with the USCC to help him keep that promise”.

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