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100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 8 Talk to People About Your Pot Use

In this video I give you an update on how I am doing on Day 8 of my 100 Day No Weed Challenge. I also talk about something that has helped me during my journey: actually talking to people about my use of marijuana. I’ve spoken open and honestly about my use of cannabis to everyone from my fiance to my 11 year old daughter to my 70-something year old mother. And it’s helped. Me and them.

This communication is helping me be accountable during this 100 Day No Weed Challenge. It has also helped them better understand what I’m going through. It also helps all of us feel better about the entire situation because there is actual communication and dialogue rather than secrecy.

Today I am challenging all stoners, tokers and potheads to stay away from marijuana for 100 days – but I’m also challenging them to talk to those closest to them about their use of pot and how it affects their lives and relationships.

Please remember when watching these videos and reading these posts, that I am only human.  I’ve quit a couple of times before and made videos and wrote about my experience.  Here you can read how I last fell off the no pot wagon.

100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 5 Coughing Resin Balls But Feeling Good

100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 5100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 5 and All is Good

This video is on the 100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 5. Things are going really well.

I’m feeling good, my energy level has increased, I’ve been working out once or twice every day and being very productive. This time around I am not (at least yet) feeling the symptoms that I did when I quit a couple of times before. My belief is that it’s because I really was not smoking nearly as heavy – or as long as I had in the past.

One thing that is not covered in this video is that I am extremely humbled by all the emails and messages that I have been getting from people all around the globe. I’m extremely happy that I have been able to inspire and help a good number of people who have similar experiences to me.

Hey, as I’ve said many times – if I can quit anyone can.

This 100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 5 is all about trying to get others involved. I’d really like to see those dope smokers who say they can stop anytime to actually prove that they can. Maybe they will realize that life can be pretty good without weed – and that they don’t really need it in their lives. Who knows? Maybe they will just decide to cut down and live healthier. Maybe they will choose to not make any changes. But at least they’ll know they can stop smoking pot for 100 days and what it feels like.

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Thank you for watching, reading and your comments (both positive and negative). I appreciate YOU!

Read forward to see how I am doing on Day 8 of the 100 Day No Weed Challenge.

100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 3 Are You Up For It?

100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 3100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 3:  Ups and Downs, Many Frustrations and Victories

Here is a video for my 100 Day No Weed Challenge Day 3 to Stoners, Tokers and Potheads everywhere.

Yesterday was a difficult day. I was doing a lot of technical website work and a bunch of tools I had not used in awhile. It led to a lot of frustration, swearing and yelling (at my computer). But I did not reach for the pot. Was not even tempted.

In the end it turned out to be a productive day. I got done most of what I set out to do and furthered some opportunities.

So far, today has been an awesome day. Two hour workout at the gym, green drink, healthy breakfast and …. (you’ll have to watch the video to find out what else).

Still looking for people to take on the 100 Day No Weed Challenge with me. Are YOU up for it? You always say you can quit anytime you want ….

I challenge you to give up marijuana just for the summer and see how your life changes …

BTW – I’d really love it if you commented and subscribed!

How I Quit Smoking Pot – Falling Off the Wagon

I made this video in response to a subscriber to my YouTube channel who wanted me to do an update.

Well … it turns out that I have not quit smoking pot at all … I was doing so good until that fateful night in Hawaii after a great dinner and way too much Sake …. Read More …

How I Quit Smoking Pot: 118 Days and Counting. Very Thankful.

Today is the 118th day since I last smoked marijuana. Life is good, not without challenges but I’m super happy and excited about the direction things are going.

I’ve been able to get back into the habit of writing (almost) on a daily basis – writing travel reviews, auto reviews, press releases, blog posts, business proposals and more.

My brain is slowly coming out of the pot induced haze and I feel like I am thinking clearer each and every day. I’m reaching some of my biggest goals and getting more and more focused on my long term goals all the time. Read More …

Ways to Quit Smoking Pot: Method #1 – Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey I QuitThe first way to quit smoking pot is to quit ‘cold turkey’, that is all at once.  Just completely stop.  Now!  Well, not always right now, but that is my suggestion.

When I personally quit smoking pot on May 1st of this year, I had it all planned out.  I had quit last year for almost a year before I let a family issue get to me and went back to the weed to feel comfortable again.  I’ve since learned that I’d been smoking pot for so long that I never really ever learned out to cope with stressful situations without it.  It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I’m 51 frickin years old and I still don’t know how to deal with many life situations without weed – but am proud to say that I am learning more and more every single day. Read More …

Three Different Ways to Quit Smoking Marijuana

Take Control of Your Marijuana AddictionEven though I am now well past my 100 day mark since personally quitting using marijuana, I continue to do research and find tools that can help others quit weed as well.

There are basically three different ways that someone can quit smoking marijuana:  1) Cold Turkey, 2) Tapering Off,  or 3) Professional Help.

In the following posts, I will examine these three separate methods for quitting the use of cannabis – or any other substance or drug for that matter.  Personally I found that quitting ‘cold turkey’ was what worked for me, but everyone is different and at this point in your life, you might not be able to find the necessary will power to quit on your own.

Regardless of how you intend to quit, the most important thing is to first make the decision to quit smoking pot.  If you are like me, and have been constantly smoking dope for most of your life this could be the single biggest (and best) decision that you’ve made in your life.  You are about to embark on a journey that you might have never believed was possible:  you are finally going to be able to live a great life free from the chains of a substance that has had a grip on your entire existence.

Once you have made the decision to quit smoking weed, it is important to find the right tools to give you the information and support that you need.  I have found that Seb Grant’s Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide has a lot of great information and tools to help anyone quit using marijuana.  This guide will cost you less than your last bag of weed and I fully recommend it to anyone who wants to stop smoking pot.  (if you buy it using the link above, I will earn a small commission and you will be supporting this blog and my quest to help others free themselves from cannabis)

Let’s take a look at each of the three methods most used to quit smoking pot:

How to Quit Smoking Pot: Parents – Talk to Your Kids About Marijuana and Other Drugs

In this video I talk about my experience of growing up with nobody ever talking to my about marijuana – not my parents, not my teachers, not my coaches. Not talking about it did NOT keep me from trying it, using it daily and eventually becoming addicted to it.  (Yes I do think I was addicted to weed, although there are many other people (almost all weed smokers) who would never agree that marijuana is addictive).

I don’t have a lot of experience with this as a parent, but I have started speaking to my 10 year old daughter about pot, drinking and other drugs. I found out last week that she had been watching these videos and is proud that I have been helping others through their struggles.

Of course I cannot say for sure how this is going to end up, but I have to think that talking about things, being open and honest and getting things out in the open is a much better approach than acting like an ostrich and putting your head in the sand.

What do you think? Any other parents out there have experience with this that they would like to share.

First 100 Days Without Marijuana: How I Quit Smoking Pot

Today I celebrate my first 100 days without pot in my life. So far, really great. Not without life challenges, but life is much, much better while not having to rely on any substance to help make me relax, feel better, or just cope with the day.

Although 100 days is a milestone and I want to celebrate my victories, it really seems that its been a lot longer since I last smoked pot. That’s probably because I went about 350 days without pot last year before ‘falling down’ and letting weed back into my life for the entire ski season …

Since that time, for the first time in my life, I have declared to myself (and publicly) that I no longer want or need marijuana in my life. Life is good and there is so much that I appreciate.

I appreciate that I no longer rely on pot to make me feel better or cope with the stresses of life. Thank you.

Welcome New Bloggers – We Want to Hear From YOU!

Joe 'The Hair Farmer' Kennedy December 2012

Joe ‘The Hair Farmer’ Kennedy December 2012

Lots of Reasons to Quit Smoking Pot

Joe ‘Tesla’ Kennedy July 2014

I really wanted to write a August 1st update, but didn’t get (make) the opportunity.  I’d like to welcome new bloggers here at Melissa and clearmyhead.  They have both recently quit smoking weed and I will let them each tell their own stories.

Not only am I looking forward to reading their stories and about their journey without pot, I think that it will help each of them along the way.  I know that writing on this blog and making videos has really helped me a lot ….  I’ve come a long way since I made my first video for this blog back in December of 2012.  Have you seen this?  (I hope you don’t scare easy).  See any differences?

BTW – if you want to share your story on this blog, just let me know and we’ll get you signed up.  It helped me quit and it might help you too!

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