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How I Quit Smoking Pot Day 12:

This is Day 12 of my personal journey of quitting use of marijuana, aka “The Evil Weed”. Even though I am a big proponent of the use of medical marijuana for some people and I suffer from constant pain due to herniated discs in my neck, I have learned (after 30 years of smoking pot), that I know no moderation and cannot use pot and function at peak performance.

This video talks about some of the many great things that have started to happen since I started my project.  I am particularly happy to be of some inspiration for others around the world who are facing similar challenges.

Day 8: Wow – I Am Committed Now: The Most Humbling Video I’ve Ever Made

Wow – not sure I should have done this …  I really value the great advice in Jerry Dorsman’s Book “How to Quit Drugs For Good” and he said NOT to tell everyone, but of course in my own contradictory style, I had to ignore his great advice.

This video is probably the most humbling video I have ever made.  It may cause me some problems, will definitely bring up a lot of questions and will definitely make some people raise their eyebrows.  Guess what?  I’m still glad that I did it – and it seems to have lifted a great weight off of my shoulders.

I’m not ready to admit I’m a pot addict (because I know I can and have changed), but definitely acknowledge that I have to fight addictive behaviors – and that I need to keep myself from using marijuana – medical or otherwise.

Anyway, take a look at the video if you’d like and let me know your thoughts.  I would love to hear from you.

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