Happy 420 This is How I Celebrate 420

How to Celebrate 420

Today is 420 / April 20, 2016 which is an unofficial international holiday for stoners. Many weed smokers around the world will celebrate 420 by smoking pot (marijuana) throughout the day – but especially at 4:20 on 4/20.

Today I celebrate 420 by being thankful that more and more governments are allowing their citizens to make their own choices concerning cannabis. I do not think that government needs to tell people if they should smoke the ganja – or not. I believe in FREEDOM of CHOICE.

Since my personal choice to quit smoking marijuana, I’m also able to celebrate 420 by taking a “Wiz Quiz” or “piss test” aka a drug screen. In reality, waiting in a room filled with other people who have to pee in a cup is a totally lousy humiliating experience. One I never want to have ever again ….

Some people will celebrate 420 for the last time today – and then decide to quit weed.  If you need help quitting weed, I fully recommend Seb Grant’s program that has helped a lot of people understand more about their problem with the ‘evil weed’ – and how to better deal with it.  It will cost you less than a week’s worth of weed for most tokers – and can help change your life for the better.

Let me hear from YOU! How did you celebrate 420?

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