Day 42 – Still not tempted!

Hey Hey!!

Sorry I’ve been so long between posting!
Work has been crazy, and both my laptops at home have died on me 🙁

Anywhoo – Today is Wednesday 30th Jan (well it is here in Australia anyway)

I still haven’t really been tempted to smoke weed for a while now, so that’s awesome for me!
I also don’t have many negatives to report either which is even better!!

I made it through my birthday without smoking (which is when I would usually smoke the most), so YAY for me!

There’s been a bunch of dramas with my family recently – which isn’t really anything  new – but usually I would just smoke and smoke until I forgot about them, not this time though!!
This time I have actually been able to confront them head on, which has been an awesome feeling!!

Joe – I’m so glad you are feeling better and seem to have found an alternative to going back to MMJ! That’s absolutely awesome news!!

I noticed there’s a new blogger, Lisa, whose blog I will pop over and have a look at after this!
I’m glad that there’s been a bunch of people following this blog – who knows, maybe we are actually helping some of them!?!

I haven’t seen a post from Richie in a while, so I’m hoping that he’s doing well 🙂

Still finding more and more positives to quitting smoking every day, and am finding myself with more and more energy every day!

To be honest – I’m pretty shocked that I have made it this far as it’s the longest I have gone without weed in many many years!!

I’d better make this a short post,  cos I’m at work :-/

Hope everyone is awesome!!

Katie x x

One Commentto Day 42 – Still not tempted!

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Congratulations Katie – you are doing so well. Very happy for you and proud as heck!

    What a great thing to make it through your birthday without having to be stoned to celebrate. I wish you many many more unstoned birthdays.

    You sound so upbeat it makes me jealous!

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