DAY 13. One week back at work after my Cold Turkey Sickness (Re-post)

Hi Guys,

Sorry I ain’t been in touch. I have had a mad busy week working the usual crappy 10 hour day. Just got in now at 9:45pm.

The form is ok although I had a very rough Monday to a point that I very, very nearly relapsed. I had actually posted on Monday from my smart-phone but it somehow didn’t post which is a good thing because it was kinda negative saying ‘I’m floored, sorry guys but It will be a miracle if I don’t go and score some sticky after work’.

Anyway, turns out I didn’t and still haven’t touch anything. I was just just wrecked tired and was seriously down due to fatigue.

I came home on Monday and crashed into bed at 9pm and slept like 10 hours or something. I felt fine the next day.

I have noticed that my head feels so clear this week even though I have been necking the few beers every night. I wake up a little fuzzy from the beer but by 11pm I feel reborn. Weird.

I ain’t craving anymore. It’s all about ‘habit’ as Joe said. I’m smoking a lot of ciggies to compensate but them only in the evening. I will reduce that with time though.

Sorry about your neck Joe. 🙁

Great no more nightmares Katie 🙂

lol about your dream Katie. I have being dreaming every night but no nightmares. I haven’t really dreamed in years due to the Doob so it’s like cinema and entertainment to me. During the week. I dreamt that I was in NY with you and Joe on top of some skyscraper. The weather was great and there was swimming pool overlooking Manhattan. It was really neat because the there was no handrails or balustrades on the roof and when you were in the pool there was just the edge of the pool (the water line) and then a clear view over the city. The building was towering about 50 storeys above any other building. It was so cool and the mood was great. Weird as F**k. Funny eh?

Tomorrow is my DAY 14. WTF…! I can’t believe it. Really, 2 full weeks and no Doobie when I can pick it up any time I want. That’s F**king cool man.

I still feel up and down but generally feel good and kinda starting to feel high without it due to the new found clarity I am experiencing.

I honestly have you 2 dudes to thank. No shit. 😉

I will try and Post at the weekend although I have my boy so I shall be busy with him.

Love you guys,

Love as always,

Richie xx

2 Commentsto DAY 13. One week back at work after my Cold Turkey Sickness (Re-post)

  1. Richie says:

    Cheers Joe 🙂

  2. Joe Kennedy says:

    So GREAT to hear from you Richie! I know Katie is gonna be stoked too! (she's asked about you).

    Glad that things are going well and you are sticking to your plan!

    You, Katie, Lisa and many others are my inspiration to keep going and working to get better …

    Thank you for being you and CONGRATULATIONS on your successes!

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