DAY 36. Holy Crap :)

Hi Guys,

First wanted to say sorry for not being around recently. However, the thing is that I have been posting from my smart phone and they have not been uploading 🙁

I only noticed today.

I have just reposted my post from DAY 13 as I can’t find it here anywhere.

Anyway guys, I am doing well and am now a whopping 36 DAYS of the Doobies. I have been seriously stressed at work with deadlines but due to my Doob free clarity I have been staying on top of things.

However my sleep patern is kinda screwed where I wake up in the middle of the night for an hour (every night) although I think that it’s just work stress related.

I’ve been having a few beers every night but plan on reducing that from Monday as I have noticed now that I am Doobfree that it doesn’t help my performance at work and life.

Wanna start jogging next Monday so no more Ciggies after this weekend.

My only problem since quitting it trying to get out of my lazy habits like not doing stuff and cleaning up when I should. After 16 years of smoking it’s not surprising the brain will need a little time to adjust to a new pattern.



your hair is gone WTF. I loved your hair dude. Especially with the beard photo. Bad Ass. 😉 Still, you look cool Bro.

Hang in there Joe. You’ll sort work out. You have a great personality. You’ll get something soon.


Glad you are well. Hope all is well for you too and nightmares are a thing of the past?

I have been dreaming constantly every night since quitting which is very entertaining actually.


Welcome on board and best of luck. Quitting was easier than I thought it was going to be.

Anyway dudes. I have shit-load of stuff to do today and gotta get my ass in gear.

Lets all stay in touch guys.

Love as always,

Richie xxx

4 Commentsto DAY 36. Holy Crap :)

  1. Richie says:

    Cheers Katie,

    Great to hear from you.

    Today is now day 52nd day of the Doobs.

    I don't miss it even slighlty or even think about it anymore.

    Happy Days.

    How are you doing?

    Enjoying the new found dreams? Me too. Cinema. lol


    Richie x

  2. Katie says:

    Sorry about the really, really late reply!!

    My nightmares seem to be a thing of the past, and I now really enjoy dreaming!!

    Have you started jogging?

    It really is so awesome to see how well you're doing!!

    Much love, Katie x x

  3. Richie says:

    Cheers again Brother Joe.
    Thanks for love dude.
    Glad I made your weekend as you have made mine. 😉
    Love R

  4. Joe Kennedy says:

    So, so glad to hear from you Richie! We were all curious as to what was happening with you, but I didn't want to hassle you to find out either. We all have different paths ..

    Seeing your posts today made my weekend! Thank you so very much for checking in – and especially sharing your successes! I'm very proud of you!

    Keep on keeping on and stay true to yourself – and definitely keep us posted on YOU!

    Much love to you Richie!

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