How I Quit Smoking Pot: Day 40

June 9, 2014 Today is the 40th Day since I quit smoking marijuana. Not much out of the ordinary to report, but things seem to be going well and I am working on learning to use more of my brain instead of deadening it.

I also have good news that I did not share in my video. A good long-time friend who has problems with alcohol got inspired while watching the French Open last weekend and went out and bought a couple of tennis rackets. We’re going to be playing some tennis tomorrow morning! I’m really stoked, because he is really a good guy, but I can never seem to get him interested in doing anything that does not involve drinking. Maybe this is the beginning of a big change?

Let me know what’s going good in your life – and if you are having any challenges, let me hear about those too. It’s all good – and all can be improved on.

BTW – I got to take a Tesla Model S out for the day the other day – and it was SUPER fun. You can read my review at

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