DAY 06. Had a good day today.

Hi Guys,

This will be short due to the name of this post. 🙂

DAY 06.

Negative thoughts:

None really right now besides a little tired 🙂

Positive thoughts:

My sleeping rhythm is still way off but, never the less, I had a good nights sleep. Had a few weird dreams were I was emotional in the dream but nothing heavy.

Woke up feeling great in a good mood and motivated. I made good use of the mood and done a load of house work and stuff that I have been meaning to do.

I plan the same for tomorrow (if mood permits).

Ate 3 times today including a Yummy Steak Dinner.

That’s all for now guys,



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  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Hey Richie – just the headline of your post made my day! Thank you for sharing man!

    So glad that things seem to be getting better for you. I'm sure that sleep and food have A LOT to do with it.

    Katie – I know about Paleo and I envy you! Most old guys like me just cannot digest that much red meat any longer … I still eat A LOT of chicken, turkey and fish, but after this last bout with the flu, I'm seriously considering cutting out all milk and eggs – I haven't eaten much cheese in almost a year in a half (except for the occasional 'cheat' meal).

    Hope that you both have great tomorrows and soar into the weekend!

  2. Katie says:

    Mmmmmmm… Steak!!!! 😉

    I'm so glad you are going well, and are motivated! Getting my motivation back increased my determination to not give in!! I'm so glad for you!!

    *virtual Hi-5* hehe

    It's funny, since quitting pipes, my house is almost always spotless lol
    I think it's the added time I find myself with, as well as my using cleaning to distract me from temptation!!

    Even though it's only 9.45am here right now – I am really craving a steak now lol
    I am paleo (not sure if you are familiar with it – but it changed my life), so steak is a big part of my life now hahaha
    I like to wrap my steak in bacon 😉 Goes down a treat with some fresh steamed veggies!!

    Antywhoo – I should probably get some work done 😉

    Hope tomorrow/today is just as good for you!!

    Katie x x

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